Q • How do I cancel my order?

Every purchase is final sale.


Q • Can I return or exchange an item?

Exchanges are acceptable ONLY for damaged products. If you have received any damaged items, you must contact us via email at arbeilla@theteacosmetics.com, within 24 hours of receiving the damaged products. (Please Note: Do not discard damaged products until you speak with a representative. If you throw away your product(s) before speaking with a representative this made hinder your process)

*Due to Covid-19 and sanitary reasons we can not accept returns or exchanges.*

Q • My item was stolen, How can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Q • I gave an incorrect address, Can I get a refund?

If we have not yet shipped your items we will try our best to change your address before your products are shipped. However, if we can’t change your address unfortunately we can not refund any money if you provided an incorrect address at checkout. 

Please note: Try calling the shipping company and give them your tracking number and your correct address. They may further assist you with getting your products to you.

Q • What method is used for shipping?

All packages are shipped USPS ONLY.


Q • What happens when my order is returned to the sender? 

Once your order is returned to the sender, we will attempt to contact you twice. If you respond and would like to reship your order, you must purchase a reship fee. If you’d rather not have your order reshipped or if you don't respond, we will issue a store credit in the full amount of your order minus the shipping cost.

Q • Do you ship internationally?

Not as of now.


If you have any questions or concerns, for a quick response please click the “chat with us” and type your question(s). 

The Tea Cosmetics, LLC  is not responsible for any allergic reactions. Use at your own will. Ingredients of each product are listed under the product picture and on the packaging.